Cats and Cancer


Cats and Cancer — why this title? It is not about cats getting cancer. It’s about cats (which I love) and cancer (which I hate). The yin and the yang. And we hope that people who have cancer will enjoy the cats and it will make them feel better.

Cats are joyful and cancer is not. I like to think of these two things as being diagonally opposite — or shall we say, “kitty corner” to each other.

The inspiration for the website grew from a get-together one summer when a group of us gathered on the garden patio of a friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Her smoochy cat sauntered by, looking for some attention and affection and side-tracking the conversation. Our friend started to tell us funny stories about her cats. The afternoon was full of warmth, laughter and friendship as we all joined in with our own little cat anecdotes. Cancer did not dominate the conversation that beautiful afternoon — we focused on the joy of cats instead.

By sharing our stories and illustrations on this website, we hope to bring some smiles and laughter to readers, especially those who may be going through cancer diagnosis and treatment, which is not much to smile about.

As you read the collection of funny stories, it is our hope that you will find amusement in the creative writing and the delightful illustrations. We’ve added some cat videos and pictures also, that we’ve found will bring a smile. Please enjoy!

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